Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vikings: A Buffet Restaurant Fit For Cebu's Vikings

Pardon the title of this post. I just had my first Vikings experience and all my senses are now working to digest what I have just consumed that my brain is not 100% working.

I have heard a lot of stories of how great Vikings, a buffet (read: eat-all-you-can) restaurant that recently opened in Cebu, is and how vast its food offerings are. But I've never got the chance to sample it myself.

Until earlier tonight.

And yes, Vikings is a haven for those eat-all-you-can restaurant hunters. It has the widest selection of dishes - Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Spanish, American - and salads and deserts. And yes, the beverage selection is also excellent (it has free-flowing beer!).

Monday, December 12, 2016

iPhone 5 "Not Enough Space" Problem Solved, Here's How I Did It!

Help! My iPhone 5 has no more enough space to store new pictures or download new applications. There must be something wrong with the "usage space" on my iPhone. What should I do? 

You actually don't have to do anything on your iPhone. I just found out lately how to do it. For months, I cannot take pictures nor download applications on my iPhone 5s because it always says “not enough space” or something like that. Every time I go to Usage, it shows that all 13G of my storage has been used even if I only have less than a hundred photos (621MB) and a host of files and apps that only totaled about 2G.

I’ve already done the “network reset” and all the other resets to no avail. I have been to a lot of sites that explains how to do it, including the instruction to delete the “deleted files” on my photos but the problem was that I don’t have the Deleted Photos folders.

And then, viola! From only 300MB free space and 13G of used space on my iPhone 5s, it now shows 11.2G of free space and only 2G used.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I downloaded iTunes on my desktop PC. You can download iTunes from the official Apple website
  2. Connected my iPhone to my PC using the USB cable and then sync my phone to iTunes, which was already installed on my PC.
  3. That was all that it took for my phone’s storage space go from only 300M of free space to 11.2G!
I’m not actually a technical writer so pardon me if this post is not as descriptive as I wanted it to be but I hope you got the point. Simply sync your iPhone to iTunes on your PC. All of my photos, apps and files remained on my iPhone and I got more than 10G of free space!

If this works for you, please let me know by posting a comment below. Thanks! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online Forum for Students in the Philippines

Has it been this long?

Mao na akong gipangutana sa akong self the moment I've opened this site. Yes, it's been quite a while and I feel guilty about it. You see, I had my hands filled with so much online writing works that I have forgotten to check my blogs and websites (I got at least 10 of those!).

Am I back? I hope so. Just last week, I've decided to start a new online forum dedicated to students in the Philippines. Yes, an online forum for Filipino students. Where they can ask for help with their assignments, discuss campus events and news, debate on educational issues, or ask questions related to their schools or their lives as students.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Goodbye Olympic gold... again!

Filipino boxer Mark Barriga lost a tightly-contested bout against his Kazakhstan foe, bowing out of contention in the London Olympics amateur boxing on Saturday.

Barriga's defeat is another blow to the Philippines' quest for an olympic gold, as other Pinoy athletes were also bowing out of London, whose weights on their shoulders were made even heavier by the pressure of getting a gold for the country.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Third generation iPad to hit Apple stores on Friday

For those who are planning to buy the iPad 2 (me, included), you should rethink your plan because the moment you get hold of that iPad, it might be obsolete already. Why? Because Apple has announced that the third generation iPad will be available in Apple stores in the United States and nine other countries.

The countries that will first see the birth of the latest iPad model include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Britain, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. That's right, no Philippines. After all, our country has never been on the list of Apple's priority. One factor could be that a lot of iPhone clones are flooding the stores in Colon.

Back to the iPhone news, customers who buy a new iPad at an Apple retail store will be offered free personal setup service, said Apple. Customers in the US could shop and buy the device anywhere they are and pick up their purchase at any Apple retail store.  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette for Christmas

As I've discussed in my previous post, I have always been a lover of perfume and scents. No matter where I go or what I will be doing, I need to wear a perfume so I will smell good inside the car, taxi, jeepney, in press conferences, private meetings, etc.

So it should not come as a surprise if I get a perfume as gift for Christmas. And this time, I got a Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette from a friend in Australia. It's a 125 ml made in Italy scent that has also been the perfume of choice of some Hollywood stars.

Ferrari Black is not available in the Philippines as far as I know because I have not seen this type of perfume in the local market. It comes in a simple black box that is made elegant with the Ferrari logo. The perfume bottle is also uniquely designed with nothing but the brand name and the embossed logo of Ferrari.

And since this is 125 ml, I'm pretty sure this will last for months. You see, before I leave the house I spray the Ferrari and I also have another perfume to spray before going back home.

A few spray, twice in the front and once in the back, is already enough to make me smell handsomely good.

drop me a note at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

iPad 2 for Christmas

I am the kind of person who does not really expect any gift during the Christmas season. Why so? I grew up in a poor family where Christmas is celebrated by going to the church and munching pansit and siopao during the Noche Buena. Christmas presents were rare and often not expected.

But I remember one Christmas day when my parents gave me a red plastic toy car. My first ever Christmas gift way back my elementary years. After that, I don't remember receiving anything but there was no qualms or complaints. After all, everyone in the family did not expect anything at all.

Now, the breeze of Christmas is starting to tell me that the day is fast approaching. Some of my Facebook friends have already posted in their statuses the gifts they have received this early. Good for them. But no complaints on my side. As I've said, ever since, I have not been expecting anything during Christmas because I'm used to not receiving material gifts although I find comfort in the fact that the Lord has been giving me and my family good health all year round, which is, I believe, the best give one can ever have in this lifetime.

Merry Christmas in advance everyone. And as I've said, I am not expecting anything during the seasons but if you will insist, I'd love to have an iPad 2. :)